Project overview:

Rayloc Packaging is a result of our design services for the company Beijing Rayloc, LLC. After working together for several months, we helped the company to expand its smart home product variety and offer a completely new and modernized look on their palette of products. The design that we embarked on included an enriched color scheme, consistent visuals and a concept that could represent “RAYLOC” and deliver stunning visual impact to consumers all around the world.


The front side of the Rayloc Smart home kit has been recreated in a smart way. Based on our customer’s requirements, we have revamped the home kit in a new, completely minimalistic box featuring a high-quality product rendering illustration. With this, we accented the overall function of the product and gave maximum attention to detail. Lastly, we added a unique abstract electronic wave that crosses all over the box - signifying the connection features of the whole product line. The end result is a modern and appealing finish.



The back side of the box is presenting informational contents of Rayloc's products. In the compositing, The visual priority represents different sections and all in a consistent design language. The unique gradient color scheme has been added in every detail in both front and back side of the box to represent "The color of Rayloc."


Unbox experience is the first impression for consumers, according to our customer's inquiry, we are not only designed the graphics part but also we did in-depth research on the packaging material and structures. To achieve the best overall quality and also minimized the production cost is the ultimate goal of this part of work. In the end, a satisfying result.


"Communication is the key; There are no short-cuts in good product designs. Good connection between our team members and customers is very very important. During our earlier research phase, we communicate the design trends, and we sent hundreds of world-top design samples to our customers to evaluate. In the end, we are not only delivering a trending concept but also fit into our customer's preference and goes beyond their expectation."


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