MEAZOR is a pocket-friendly ruler that is designed to transform the way you measure things. It measures curves, lines, and a variety of surfaces that is compatible for major units of length. With one easy roll at a time, ROLLOVA provides you with an accurate measurement on its OLED screen.

MEAZOR Digital Ruler

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    4.6 19 Product ratings
    Neil griffith
    Did not receive my correct order

    Paid for a two pack,,only received a singl

    Mark Brindel
    great product!! :-)

    Your shipping notification to me was sufficient. The timing at the peak of a US Holiday season created the delays I didn't expect. Other than that, great product!! :-)

    Judi Graham
    The device is not idiot proof

    while the all around wheel design is neat, it is very easy to slip and touch the rubber band as its moving, I advise an optional extra accessory that clips on and allows for more stable holding.

    and the initial switching on/off and starting of the device is not idiot proof enough it took awhile for the family to understand just how to get it started

    but all round I love the idea and will use it, I do wonder if you will make a slightly egg shaped one so you can start measuring in the corners?

    Dean Commodore
    Love it!

    Very nice product made to a very high standard

    Robert Riggs
    Need better instructions on all the features

    The Rollover product is very nice and has many good features but some improvements and suggestions going forward.
    • Better instructions on all the features, web site or video
    • The quality of the Rollova is good but for a measuring tool the parts feel loose, the perception is maybe not as accurate or as precise made. Rattles when picking it up and moving the wheel inside Rollova.

    Casey Baranoski
    Perfect Christmas present

    I had found the Rollova back in May, and thought it would be the perfect Christmas present for my brother-in-law. Amazingly, it arrived in the mail three days before Christmas!

    Thomas Ramos
    Instruction is too small

    The instructions could have been printed larger. I am older and even with glasses it was hard to read. I have not really used it enough ti have detialed response.
    I would like it larger diameter and maybe even thicker (To hold easier.

    Espartaco Borga
    Need Better Display

    The display needs to have more light and better definition.
    otherwise is great

    Scott Keltner
    Good tool to teach students on my math classes

    The anticipation for this product was worth the wait. I'm a math teacher and splurged for my ROLLOVA and have been able to show the general rule we strive for in my math classes: strive to find a different, cool, efficient way of doing something that others will find useful and appreciate.

    Jean-Daniel Schwob
    Less precise on glass

    Thanks to all the team of Rollova he is very good for many materials but on the glass slides and suddenly it becomes less precise, otherwise it is great he will detrone the good old tape measure, it is really good.

    Wino Snip
    Here is some advices!

    Thank you for the nice Rollova! Overall a very potential instrument.

    Opportunities for improvements which I see:

    1. Smoother rolling, less rolling resistance - preferably adjustable.
    2. Less tolerance on other elements, no parts that wobble when you “shake” the Rookova
    3. Easier understandable menu and prices for the calibration

    Jan Bekaert


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